Sunday, January 26, 2014

Christmas Eve 2013

Since Kevin and I skipped Thanksgiving (thank you again morning sickness), we were thrilled to finally see family on Christmas Eve.  I was also sad to miss my family, but at least I had my morning sickness under enough control that I was able to drive to North Carolina prior to Christmas to see Marissa and Hailee (oh mom, sister, and brother-in-law also were there....but their purpose in life, in my opinion, is to ensure that Marissa and Hailee are alive and well.....and yes, I expect the same to occur for me after I give birth to Kevin Charles McNair, Junior!).

CONGRATULATIONS TO MARK AND SHANNON ON THEIR ENGAGEMENT!!!!!  The first photo is Shannon and Mark chatting with her brother, Joe, who was in Spain pursuing a professional soccer career. 

Enjoy the photos!

WHAT I WORE: Stretchy is KEY here.  My mom said that I looked horrible when visiting North Carolina (she was right!).  So she went shopping and purchased me leggings and this sweater (among other things) from White House Black Market.  I purchased a pair of low-heeled knee high boots to complete the look at Dillards.