Sunday, January 26, 2014

Judging Heavenly Angels National Pageant - November 30, 2013

What a great time - seeing my sister queens, Rachel and Ashlee as we judged the Heavenly Angels National Pageant in Harrisburg, PA.

It was so much fun sharing my wonderful pregnancy news with my sister queens!  They are simply the best!
Will it be a prince or princess?  I learned in January of 2014 that it is a prince!!!
What I wore:
Top and Jacket: CaBi
Jewelry: Sabika
Pants: they were CaBi
Shoes: very old boots by Nine West 

Dressing was a bit hard because my body had started its pregnancy shift, so I was limited to blousy tops and stretchy bottoms.  Jeans were starting to become quite uncomfortable (and they were not appropriate for a pageant!).  Again, I am grateful for being pregnant, but I don't think anyone could have adequately prepared me for the depression that would set in over losing my body.  I learned to get over it; but it took some time. 

Watch out for the Woestmans
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