Sunday, January 26, 2014

What I Wore - November 2013

Soon after taking these photos, morning sickness (aka - ALL DAY SICKNESS) proceeded to invade my body.  I am grateful to be pregnant, but I did not relish the approximately 7 weeks off of life that I took when I pretty much slept all day, ate a lot, and skipped exercising because I could never predict a "safe" time to exercise.  One of my last training sessions, I stretched on the floor because I had zero energy left and wanted to just crawl into bed.

Jacket: Matilda Jane
Lace Top + Cami: CaBi Clothing
Jeans: Cabi
Shoes: Dansko (I wear these about 85% of the time, the other 15%, I am required to dress up enough that these shoes are not appropriate).
Jewelry: Mix of Sabika and Elena Maratos.

Watch out for the Woestmans
Style Sessions